One thing we didn't cover in our "meet cute" is our first date.  You need to know about our first date to get the full picture and story behind our proposal!

So our first "official" date was at the Marriott Marquis bar in downtown San Francisco.  However, one of us was not sure whether it was a date or not...  As we sat on the 23rd floor, watching the sun set over Twin Peaks, Emily turns to me and asks, "So, is this a date?"  In my head (and I'm going to rely on Emily to fact check this), I turned to her and kissed her, and said "Yes, this is a date."  

Fast forward to a little more than two years later.  It was a "Fantastic Lady Day", which is a special little day that Emily and I do for each other every other month or so.  (Mine is actually called "Magnificent Man Day"!)  We had stopped at Twin Peaks for a nice little picnic, then went to get a mani-pedi, and then we went back to the Marriott Marquis bar for a happy hour drink.

I had reserved a table but realized that table was not overlooking the same view that we had on our first date.  Even worse, there was a special event going on that was blocked off so I couldn't get to the other side.  I scrambled and found staff member and asked if I could sneak into the area for a special moment.  Awkwardly, I quickly grabbed Emily and brought her over to the location of our first date.  I told her that she had asked me a very important question the first time that we at this place, and that I now had a very important question to ask her.  I got down on one knee and proposed!

Spoiler alert - she said "Yes!"

What makes this night even crazier is that around the corner, watching and filming this entire thing was  Melissa King, Emily's favorite Top Chef contestant from last season!  She came out and congratulated us, as we both stood in shock!  Needless to say, it'll be one of the most unforgettable nights of our lives!